Some of us have health figured out. Most of us are Rookies.

Why do we set so many goals in January and abandon them by March? Because it sucks to be new. Or so we’ve led ourselves to believe.

We are all ideas and no follow through - why? Because we live in an era of instant gratification, where we can’t stand the idea of being imperfect for a while.

But all imperfection is a sign of bravery.

At Rookie, we’re about embracing the beginner mindset. Being open and curious, with nothing to prove and nothing to lose.

We’re for asking questions and trying again. Meeting goals in order to set new ones.

We create simple supplements with top-of-the-line ingredients for women of all walks of health.

We believe the space just outside our comfort zone is where real life happens. We’re here to help you spend more time there.

Sometimes less is more.

We’re committed to clean, kind practices through every part of our process.