Take their word for it.

I honestly cannot live without the Wake product. It is my go-to whenever I need a boost and the taste is so great.
I would totally recommend it!

Austin, TX

I’ve tried so many vegan proteins and all have a very earthy taste that I’ve never been super keen with. The Rookie vanilla and chocolate protein are sooooo delicious! It tastes like it shouldn’t be healthy but it is. Super pumped to use these in my smoothies. 

Charlotte, NC

I’ve needed some extra support to relax before bed recently. I’ve been using the Ginger Pear Sleep product for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to fall asleep a little faster. Going to keep incorporating this in my night time routine! And it also doesn’t hurt that it taste delicious.

Salt Lake City, UT

Rookie has replaced my daily Starbucks runs, night time teas and has become my favorite go to drink for any need or want! I drink the Pom apple everyday and it helps me keep my energy up all day without crashing. The sleep doesn’t make me drowsing and helps me stay asleep all night which never happened for me until I found rookie! 

Seattle, WA

I’ve been traveling a lot for work recently and always want to make sure that my immune system is good to go so that I don’t get sick. The immunity stick packs are so awesome to travel with. I put a couple in my purse when I feel like I might need an immunity boost. 

Ahwatukee, AZ