You Can Be On My Team Boyfriend Crew



Rookie is about being new, and taking chances, but not alone. We’re with you every step of the way on your wellness journey, and want you to be on our team!

Made of 100% USA cotton, this textile is beefy, durable, and absorbent, and is virtually shrink free as a result of garment dyeing. The garment is washed with natural enzymes, resulting in a broken-in feel, just like a T-shirt that was washed or worn for a decade or two. Its special features include its heavy and sturdy feel and combined with a more generous fit (about 1 wider on the flat than a contemporary T-shirt) and higher neck line.

Boxy, oversized fit. For a slimmer fit, size down.


Sometimes less is more.

We’re committed to clean, kind practices through every part of our process.